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For instance, the door wasn't closing right, all they did was replace the latch plate, and left the gasket hanging from the bottom. They made repairs without giving an estimate or getting permission to make any repairs. The rig came back with corroded battery terminals and an awning hanging precariously from its railing, certainly a safety issue that went ignored because they claim I objected to its repair. What I declined was a $1500 motor and...
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I had been wanting an RV most of my life so I went to giant recreation world for my first purchase because the advertise they do full inspections on preowned RV's, So I purchased a 1999 pace arrow. that has a lot of safety issues the neglected to tell me cause they wanted it off there lot, I was not allowed to test drive over safety issues so they promised they fix them and deliver it to me I'm 3 hour ride from them, so I trusted their word,...
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Giant Recreation World Rv Repair Review

I agree with most of the reviewers who posted. I took my Coachman Freedom Express for the yearly warranty inspection and took it home witha $450 bill for minor repairs, while the most important, an awning that is so unsecure that it presents a travel hazard was ignored. They couldnt even have bothered to replace one simple screw to secure it.